Sea of Faith

Islam and Christianity in the Medieval Mediterranean World


In the millenium stretching from the seventh to sixteenth centuries, two great faiths faced off in a struggle for primacy. Sometimes they met in conflict, at other times in concord, the pageant of their interaction remains one of history’s most stirring episodes.

Oxford Times (2006):

If you read one book on the history of the Middle East conflict, this should be it. O’Shea carves an illuminating, compassionate path through the clashes of Islam and Christianity that dominated the medieval world in and around the Mediterranean.

Christian Science Monitor (USA) (2006):

O’Shea is a master of rhetoric in the old sense: the conveyance, through patterned language, of discriminations and qualifications. As in his previous books, he uses eyewitness description to brilliant effect… Sea of Faith is a beautiful, necessary book, punctuated with passages of dark, luminous, symbolic power.

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